Social Media thoughts from a 20-something


Interview with a 20-something millennial, Ryan, who primarily only uses Facebook and Twitter.

  • What Social Media channels do they use related to their interest?
    • Facebook & Twitter
  • How much time do they spend each week on this Social Media Marketing?
    • ┬áMaybe 5 hours a week
  • How do they engage visitors to participate and share their content?
    • Facebook in my opinion tells you to post how your day has been. Facebook & Twitter both suggest you to follow content related to your interests. Twitter doesn’t ask me to share as much as Facebook I feel, but I do re-tweet on things I really like.
  • How does this social media engagement benefit the author?
    • I get to keep up with my friends.
  • How does this social media engagement benefit his or her audience?
    • On Facebook I have more of an audience with my friends, but not really on Twitter.
  • Ryan’s Final thoughts on social media:
    • I do like social media, but I feel it is more of a waste of time. I feel I personally do not use it as much as my peers. I sometimes check my notifications and scroll a little bit on Twitter, but I feel it doesn’t offer me anything tangible. I prefer to meet my friends and family in person.


My conversation with Ryan on social media made me realize that while a lot of us are led to believe millennials live and die by social media, it is not always the case. A lot of young people work and go to school at the same time, and their phones are primarily to communicate with family.

What are your social media habits? Do you spend a lot of time on social media? Let me know in the comments below!


Analysis – Vengage “8 New Graphic Design Trends 2017”

Analysis – Vengage “8 New Graphic Design Trends 2017”

Wether we realize it or not, we intake these graphic design trends visually on a day to day basis. These sublte changes in trends influence our decisions to purchase products, or even the clothes we wear. Ryan McCready of Vengage does a great job in this article dissecting the top 8 trends that have emerged for 2017. Bright, bold, clean minimalism has been hott this year, and since we are halfway into 2017 it is safe to confirm his trend predictions were accurate.

The best example he discusses was Spotify in my eyes. There was a time you would walk through a CD aisle and look at the covers, and visually intake a mish mash of eye catching designs. That doesn’t happen too often at all in retail storefronts now, but has moved to onilne platforms like Spotify. The punchy colors and sharp geometric accents are part of Spotify’s signature design look. An artists image is set to a Hard Light, or Mulitply blending mode against a bright background, and it stands out immediately.

These trends were not only great for 2017, but my predictions would be that they will easily carry into 2018 with the same verocity.


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